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Executive Recruiting and Headhunting

In "Executives Plus" Recruiting Division, we focus on filling our clients’ top vacancies with quality people and the best executives who can fit the positions using our wide business network in different industries. A short list of high-potential candidates is provided as we always aim to save our clients time by accurate screening, reference checks, and close follow-up till the very end.

How we handle your needs

  • Top confidentiality and extremely high integrity.

  • Exclusivity of search tailored specially to fit your need.

  • Your job search with us is always relevant, focused, and targeted

  • Accurate screening and close follow-up till the very end.

  • A short list of high-potential executives is provided.


We guarantee

  • Top Confidentiality

  • Reference check.

  • The task is to be accomplished within the minimum possible time.

  • The quality of people is never compromised.


Part of our latest assignments

  • CFO for a Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

  • Marketing Director for a Multinational Company

  • HR Director for a Group of companies

  • GM for Investment Company

  • Financial Director for a Top Company

  • Sales Director for Distribution Company

  • Supply Chain GM

  • GM for Distribution Company

      And more


As our tasks are very sensitive and critical in nature, top confidentiality

and extremely high integrity are some of our most recognized competitive

advantages by our clients and are considered by us as intolerable priorities.


                     We partner with you in building YOUR SUCCESS

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